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The Northland Outdoor Wood Furnace provides a safe and efficient way of heating your home or business. It is installed outside close to your wood pile reducing the amount of times the wood is handled and also eliminating the mess and shortcomings associated with indoor stoves. The furnace can also burn bigger pieces of wood which cuts down the time spent preparing the wood and loading the stove. The design of the furnace allows for maximum wood burning efficiently, which in turn saves on energy costs.

Cost Comparison

The average home uses 100 million BTUs annually for heating.

Wood (20,000,000 BTU Cord Avg.) 60%/85% efficient$100 per cord$833/$588
Natural Gas Furnace 90% efficient$1.48 per therm$1,644
Ground Source Heat Pump 300% efficent$.10 per kWh$976
Heating Oil 85% efficient$4.00 per gallon$3,361
Electric Furnace 100% efficient$.10 per kWh$2,930
Propane 90% efficient$3.27 per gallon$3,949
Corn 80% efficient$7.04 bushel$879
Coal 85% efficient$200.00 per ton$768

Adjust to reflect current costs and usage

BTU = The amount of energy needed to raise the temperature of 1 pound of water 1 degree F.
1 cord of wood (Dried Birch)= 23,400,000 BTU
1 lb. good wood= 7,000 BTU
1 kWh electricity= 3,413 BTU
1 gal. fuel oil= 140,000 BTU
1 therm (100 cu. ft.) gas= 100,000 BTU
1 gal. propane= 92,000 BTU
1 bushel corn(143 lbs.)= 1,001,000 BTU
1 ton of coal= 30,600,000 BTU

Air-dried wood contains approximately 20% moisture and will yield about 5,800 BTUs per pound. Green wood containing about 60% moisture will yield only 4,100 BTUs per pound. The heavier the weight of dry wood, the more BTUs per cord.

Heating Value per Air-Dried Cord in BTUs
White Oak 30,600,000Poplar 17,260,000
White Elm 24,500,000White Pine 17,100,000
Tamarack 24,000,000Basswood 17,000,000
White Birch 23,400,000White Cedar 16,300,00
Black Ash 22,600,000White Spruce 16,200,000
Maple 19,300,000Balsam Fir 15,500,000