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Do you need a dual fuel option on your outdoor wood furnace?

No. 1) Your outdoor wood furnace is designed to be incorporated with an existing indoor heating system such as a hot water boiler or a forced air furnace. In most instances, without an existing indoor heating distribution system in your home such as baseboard radiators or ductwork, there would be no way to distribute the heat throughout your house.

No. 2) Most outdoor wood furnace warranties stipulate that if you do not have an existing indoor heating system for backup in case your outdoor wood furnace fails, they will not be held liable for any damages caused by this. Also, most insurance companies require a backup indoor heating system.

No. 3) If your dual fuel outdoor wood furnace has a water circulation failure caused by a water loss, circulating pump failure, or a power outage, the whole system is rendered useless because without water there is no way to transfer the heat from your dual fuel outdoor wood furnace to your house.But if you have an existing backup indoor heating system, this system would turn on and heat your house if this happens.

No. 4) The added cost of purchasing a dual fuel option on the outdoor wood furnace is almost the same as buying and indoor furnace which in most cases will out last any dual fuel outdoor wood furnace.

No. 5) When your dual fuel outdoor wood furnace becomes unusable because of a major failure such as corrosion or weld failure, the whole system including the dual fuel option is no longer functional. This is not the case if you have existing indoor heating system because it is separate from your outdoor wood furnace. Your investment on two separate heating systems as we recommend is money well spent and wisely spent.

No. 6) Since the outdoor wood furnace is connected to and incorporated with your indoor furnace and heating system, your indoor furnace thermostat is set to sense if your outdoor wood furnace fire has gone out or is not producing enough heat. In return, your existing indoor furnace will heat your house and the water going back out to your outdoor wood furnace to keep it from freezing providing the circulating pumps are on.

No. 7)Dual fuel option on outdoor wood furnaces are very inefficient due to the fact that they must heat up hundreds of gallons of water in comparison to an indoor boiler which only has to heat several gallons of water to do the same job.

No. 8)And here is the most important fact that our competitors who sell dual fuel outdoor wood furnaces conveniently do not tell you. You do not need a dual fuel option on your outdoor wood furnace if you already have an existing indoor furnace which is operational and in working order.