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Why we don't offer these features:

Auger systems to remove ashes: These systems work but here is the downside. If a obstruction such as a nail or something similar gets jammed in the auger, it is rendered useless. Anybody who burns junk wood such as from a demolition or pallets should not have this option. They will be spending more time unjamming the system than removing ashes. This process of using a auger is also more time-consuming than simply shoveling out the ashes. Mechanical moving parts inside an outdoor wood furnace don't mix very well.

Grates: With grates your ashes will fall through into the ash pan. The problem with this is that when the draft on the furnace is shut off, the hot coals need ashes to keep them insulated and hot so when the draft does open again your fire will start up. Without these ashes your fire will be prone to going out because all the ashes will be in the ash pan instead of a round the hot coals insulating them. Hot coals are essential to restart the fire.

Ash pan: This feature goes hand in hand with the other two features above. Ash pans on outdoor wood furnaces are large and clumsy. This problem is even worse when you're dealing with something such as this that is very hot. Then you have to remove it when its full then carry it away from the furnace and dump it. It takes less time and less effort and especially less heat involved just to occasionally remove your ashes with a shovel when needed.

From our experience the simpler you keep things and the less parts there are, the less problems you will have. The Northland Outdoor Wood Furnace does not need these features to be efficient, dependable, easy to maintain, and user-friendly. Our furnaces are built with the consumer in mind!