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Forced Air Draft

(The Northland Outdoor Wood Furnace NS-250 is shown)

On and off switch feature on blower allows the user to operate forced air draft option when needed. When turned on, the blower is thermostatically operated and works in conjunction with the existing solenoid operated draft system. When turned off, existing solenoid operated draft system functions as usual. This unique option offers the user the best of both systems.
Draft intake tube has air vectors on the inside of door to spread the air to the entire bottom of the firebox allowing for an even and complete burn.

Attractive cover provides protection from the elements and is hinged for easy blower maintenance.

Forced air draft blower has an adjustable air intake. This allows the user to regulate the air intake for maximum efficiency. An unregulated air intake will cause the furnace in most instances to burn more wood then necessary because too much air is being allowed in causing much of the heat to be blown out of the chimney instead of being absorbed into the water jacket. NS-500 and NS-750 air intake is not adjustable and is factory tested and preset for maximum efficiency.
This feature increases the furnace BTU output and water temperature recovery time by injecting air into the firebox which accelerates the burning and results in a hotter fire.