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The Northland Outdoor Wood Furnace provides a safe and efficient way of heating your home or business. It is installed outside, close to your woodpile, reducing the amount of times the wood is handled and also eliminating the mess and shortcomings associated with indoor stoves. The furnace can also burn bigger pieces of wood which cuts down the time spent preparing the wood and loading the stove. The design of the furnace allows for maximum wood burning efficiency, which in turn saves on energy costs.

Superior Design
Our furnaces are built with a round firebox and round water jacket. This design eliminates unnecessary welds because of less seams which is always more desirable and reliable. A round design allows for a more even heat distribution and by nature is a much stronger design than any square designs. Square designs need internal reinforcing to prevent them from collapsing or bulging. A round design does not. Think about it. Have you ever seen a square water tower or a square pop can? Ask any structural engineer or boilermaker.

What’s everybody looking for when they’re shopping for an outdoor wood furnace? You should be looking for dependability, longevity, efficiency, and affordability. Northland Outdoor Wood Furnaces incorporates all of these advantages and more. Before any furnace leaves the factory all welds are air tested and all electrical components are thoroughly checked to ensure the highest standard of quality control is maintained. Every Northland Outdoor Wood Furnaces comes with a ten year limited warranty.

By having the furnace outside it eliminates the possibility of carbon monoxide poisoning and a fire in your home. The furnace is a non-pressurized system, which eliminates any chance of explosion associated with pressurized furnaces. Also the oversize door makes loading easier and comes equipped with a padlock ready latch for safety purposes.

The furnace is places on a cement foundation conveniently located near the building(s) to be heated. A correctly prepared cement foundation provides even weight distribution ensuring the furnace will remain level and not sink like furnaces with legs or skids have a tendency to do.

How It Works
The furnace operates by heating the water to a desired temperature, which the customer maintains through automatic controls. This heated water is pumped to your building through underground-insulated pipes. Once inside, it is connected to your existing forced air system, baseboard, in slab heat, and domestic water. The heated water is constantly circulated for maximum heat distribution.